The following serves as Frequently Asked Questions about the use of GRANDs (for all members of the GRAND portal) and Policies of Cash My GRANDs Online Program (currently only open to Residents of United Kingdom and Singapore who have a local bank account) at the GRAND Portal ( /


1. Glossary of Important Terms


A member who has uploaded his/her creations to his/her portfolio is the owner of those creations.


A Visitor is a member who is looking at creations of other members in their private and public galleries.


A Collector is a member who chooses to add another member’s creation to his/her own collection.

Gallery / Portfolio

Every artist member has a portfolio and that portfolio serves as his/her own gallery of his/her creations. A gallery can consist or public and private (hidden) creations. A Visitor must pay 100 GRANDs to the gallery owner in order to enter the private gallery and view those private creations. The gallery will be unlocked for 24 hours and all hidden creations will be visible to the visitor during that duration.


The same person can play the role of a visitor, collector or owner depending on what he/she is doing currently i.e. a member can earn or spend GRANDs based on his role in a particular transaction.


2. What is GRANDs?

At, GRANDs are used as a currency or a point system which can be used by our members for various purposes. Each user has 2 types of GRANDs in their account:

  1. Cash GRANDs and
  2. Non-Cash GRANDs (which have no real dollar value)


3. What are Cash GRANDs?

1 GRAND = 1 Cent (USD) = 1.6 Cent (SGD)

USD = US Dollar

SGD = Singapore Dollar

The price for 1 GRAND in terms of SGD is not dependent on foreign exchange rates which vary daily but determined by the Genio Ribelle. However, Genio Ribelle reserves the right to change the price of 1 GRAND, both in USD and/or in SGD.


4. GRANDs at Member Registration

At the point of registration, every user is given 500 non-cash GRANDs to start with. The amount of cash GRANDs in a user’s account on registering is 0.


Initial Non-Cash GRANDs = 500

Initial Cash GRANDs = 0


5. Top-up cash GRANDs

The user can purchase cash GRANDs anytime through our secure payment gateway (provided by eNETS ). The payment can be done via your Credit Card  or Direct Debit from your bank account i.e. Internet Banking. The direct debit (Internet Banking) option is only available for United Kingdom and Singapore Residents who have a local bank account with DBS   or UOB  or Citibank .

For every 500 cash GRANDs purchased, 1 USD or 1.6 SGD Transaction Fee is charged so a total of 500 cash GRANDs will cost 6 USD or 9.6 SGD.


6. What can you do with your GRANDs, be it cash or non-cash?

Whether the GRANDs are cash or non-cash, they can be used for the following purposes:

  1. PG (Private Gallery): To enter a private gallery (100 GRANDs for a one-time entry for 24 hours). 100 GRANDs are transferred from the visitor member to the member who is the gallery owner.
  2. IA (Increase Artwork): To increase the limit on number of creations in your account (100 GRANDs per creation). 100 GRANDs are deducted from your account and the limit is increased by 1. The limit on maximum number of creations in an account at the point of registration is 10.
  3. AC (Add to Collection): To add the creation of another user to your own collection (the amount of GRANDs to be paid is decided by the owner of the creation and varies for each creation). The price of the creation (in GRANDs) is transferred from the collector to the owner of the creation.
  4. AY (Advertise Yourself): To advertise yourself on the GRAND Portal in the top left corner a 1000 times. 100 GRANDs are deducted from your account.
  5. CG (Cash my GRANDs): Convert the cash GRANDs into real cash (currently only applicable to United Kingdom and Singapore Residents who have a local bank account). In order to Cash Your GRANDs, you must enroll in the Cash My GRANDs Online Program (free enrollment) and accept the terms and conditions. You must have a minimum of 10000 cash GRANDs (USD 100) in your account in order to request for cashing your GRANDs. A cheque equivalent to the amount of cash GRANDs that are cashed by you is sent by Genio Ribelle to the owner of the GRANDs. Your cash GRANDs are reduced by the amount of GRANDs that you have converted to cash.


A user can choose to use his cash or non-cash GRANDs for a, b, c or d. However, your cash GRANDs are transferred to the cash GRANDs of the owner of the artwork (in case of AC) or gallery (in case of PG). If you choose to use your non-cash GRANDs, they are transferred to the non-cash GRANDs of the owner.


You can only choose to pay using that form of GRANDs (cash or non-cash) that is currently sufficient for the transaction that you are going to make. E.g. if you have 50 non-cash GRANDs and 200 cash GRANDs and you wish to enter a private gallery which requires 100 GRANDs, you can only use your cash GRANDs to do so.


NOTE: 6.e (CG) is only applicable to your Cash GRANDs i.e. only cash GRANDs can be used for Cash My GRANDs Online Program.


7. How do I increase my non-cash GRANDs?

You earn GRANDs when a visitor enters your private gallery (PG) or a collector adds your creation to his/her collection (AC) using his/her non-cash GRANDs.


8. How do I increase my cash GRANDs?

You earn cash GRANDs when a visitor enters your private gallery or a collector adds your creation to his/her collection, using his/her cash GRANDs to do so.

The other option for you is to purchase cash GRANDs using your credit card (for all members) or via internet banking (DBS, UOB, Citibank for Singapore bank account holders only).


9. I am not based in United Kingdom or Singapore. If I cannot Cash My GRANDs, what is the use of GRANDs for me?


  1. GRANDs are the means for you to not just earn but also to market yourself to the world. If you wish to advertise your works, your company or your creations, you can do so using your GRANDs and reach out to the ever growing global arts market.


  1. GRANDs are also the means for you to build a more comprehensive showcase of your abilities as an artist. You can increase the maximum number of artworks you can upload using your GRANDs.


  1. GRANDs provide you greater access to artist portfolios. Whether you are an art appreciator or enthusiast or perhaps an employer or a professional artist, you can browse through various galleries and unlock private galleries using your GRANDs.


  1. Plus using your GRANDs, you can always show you support and appreciation for other fellow artists and designers by adding their works to your collection.


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Some Tips to earn cash GRANDs:

  1. One way to earn cash GRANDs is by adding some of your creations as public and some as private. E.g. if you have 40 creations in your portfolio/gallery, you can provide 15 as public and 25 as private. If your work is good, visitors would want to see more. Let your work speak for you.


  1. Get your friends and family to join and show their appreciation for your creativity. A few cents/dollars will not hurt them and they would go into your pocket money which you can invest in your passion and future creations. Use the “Invite a friend” function to invite as many friends as you want to. Once they join, they will be added to your private CLUB where you can make announcements and network with your CLUB members.


  1. Be sincere, honest & passionate about your art and keep uploading your creations.


Is it possible to earn cash GRANDs without spending a single cent?

Yes, it is possible though we cannot offer any guarantees. It depends on your creativity, the quality and number of creations you upload in your portfolio, your popularity, your friends, family support, the number of site visitors and a whole lot of other factors.

E.g. You have uploaded 10 creations (the maximum limit for any member account) in your portfolio. You utilize 200 non-cash GRANDs (out of 500) that were given to you when you registered, to increase the limit on your account from 10 to 12 and upload 2 more creations. Out of 12 creations, you provide 3 as public and 9 as hidden or private. You use remaining 300 non-cash GRANDs to add the creations of 3 other members to your collection. Let us assume 2 of those 3 members have run out of their non-cash GRANDs and they like your work so they choose to enter your private gallery by using their cash GRANDs. Well, you just earned 200 cash GRANDs. You join their CLUB (and they automatically join your CLUB). They share about your work with other CLUB members and more and more artists wish to see your work. There is no limit on how many GRANDs you can earn. What you do with your hard-earned cash GRANDs is entirely up to you? You can use some of them to increase your limit and upload more creations, visit other private galleries to learn from others and take inspiration, advertise yourself and cash the rest.