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An Overview
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Genio Ribelle was founded in 2003. We are an Arts and design company that elicits, creates, markets and promotes creative talents (artists/designers) and all forms of Arts. We explore various spheres of Arts including fashion design (apparel and accessories), product/furniture/interior design, architecture, graphics/visual design, fine arts (sculpting, ceramics, etc), photography, media arts (films, music), literary arts and performance arts (dance/theatre).

We are registered under the business/company act of Singapore.
Registration number (ROC ID): 200310536D

Mission Statement
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Our Mission Statement below sums up our operations and directions:

ďGR aims to provide feasible platforms to promote and market creations, skills and talents from the arts and design industries.

With a wholesome approach to GRís ventures, GR aspires to foster arts/design culture(s) and awareness in the current society via injecting accessibilities to varied forms of arts & design.

GR aims to create a renaissance in Arts/design, influencing every sphere of life, by cultivating environment(s) for artists/designers from varied arena/disciplines to collaborate in creating an exotic fusion of Arts/design.Ē

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Online Portal, the GRAND Portal

One of our pet projects is the GRAND Portal which is where you are currently. GRAND is an online platform (www.genioribelle.com) that:

>>exhibits creations/skills and talents from the arts and design industries via the web galleries.

>>fosters communications and learning via the articles, reviews, ratings, forums, news, interest groups and events and networking activities.

>> publishes employment and consignment opportunities from arts and design industries.


In 2006, we had organized the GRAND Postcard Design Contest which was open to everyone above the age of 16. Find out more about the contest and its results, please visit GRAND Postcard Design Contest.

We plan to organize more contests, competitions and exhibitions to recognize as well as reward those pursuing their passion for the Arts & Design. And we hope we are able to be of service as you pursue your passion for the Arts & Design.

Letís unite in bringing about the Arts renaissance.

Contact Us
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We welcome any suggestions, comments, feedbacks as we believe we are only as good as the benefits that you get from us. So do assist us in improving and enhancing the GRAND portal or any of our services by forwarding your comments via any of the following channels:

Mailing address
12 St James House,
173 Holland Park Avenue,
London W11 4UR
Yishun Central Post Office,
PO Box 161,
Singapore 917606

General Enquiries: enquiry.grand@genioribelle.com
Membership related Enquiries: member.grand@genioribelle.com
Partnership related Enquiries: partner.grand@genioribelle.com

Portal: http://www.genioribelle.com or
Blog: http://genioribelle.blogspot.com
Forum: http://genioribelle.com/bb/
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/rebelgenius
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/rebelgeniustube

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Make Friends and Network in North-East England: www.friendsnortheast.co.uk

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