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Below are a few frequently asked questions that will help you in learning more about the GRAND portal. Read on...

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What is the GRAND Portal?
A comprehensive Arts and Design portal created by and for Artists and Designers.

***The terms "Artist" and "Designer" are used interchangeably below. In the context of these questions and answers, they refer to each other.
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I am an Artist/Designer. What's in it here for me?
The GRAND portal offers the following to an Artist/Designer.
Marketing - An Artist/Designer is a one man team, pursuing his/her passion regardless of the odds. But dedicating oneself to the arts is not the only thing demanded from an Artist. You have to find avenues to advertise, market and sell your skills, and your creations.
You an achieve this via your portfolio made visible to other artists, companies, art appreciators as well as internet surfers. Along with your portfolio, you can create your personal profile, mention your past work, awards, successes, upload your works of art and even display your personal and company logo.

Constant Learning - You also need to constantly hone your skills, forever upgrading and moving up the ladder, towards perfection which in reality is unattainable. Artists are mostly perfectionists. There is no end of the line for an Artist. Everyday is a day of learning. Every creation is a new learning experience be it making a film or designing a fashion line or sculpting a monument.
Articles, Events and News sections assist you in this aspect. The Articles section is where you can read articles and tutorials, learn useful tips, find interesting sites. You can also contribute articles, tutorials, tips and sites (URLs). Why should you contribute anything? An Artist can exhibit his/her expertise in a field not only through the artworks but also by sharing the knowledge and experience gathered over the years. Altruistically, knowledge only increases by sharing.

Take part in Events and Competitions - Artists need to prove to the world their worth. Your resume/portfolio is made up of, not only your creations but also your accolades, awards, trophies and victories accumulated over the years.
In the events section, you can find about upcoming events and competitions that you can be a part of. You can also share with others any event or competition that you hear of.

Take on Projects/ Get that Job - An Artist has to be practical and in order to continue to pursue your passion, you have to undertake commercial works and projects which can support your living and need for artistic expression in more personal creations.
In the Projects and Jobs sections, you can do exactly that. Submit your proposals for projects posted by companies and individuals. Also, you may even find that job that you always wanted.

Communicate and network - An Artist/Designer often works alone. But you cannot be an island. You need to have open dialogs and learn from others, be it other Artists or a layman.
Speak your mind as well as learn through online forums. Join Clubs which are networks of artists and designers just like you as well as non-artists. Meet them in person at regular meetings, share ideas, collaborate on projects or simply, just have a great time knowing new people.

Stay informed - You need to know what's going on around you, especially in your field.
Read all the latest news in the news section. And do report an event if you get to know anything interesting or newsworthy.
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I am not an Artist or a Designer but I love the Arts. What's in it here for me?
You can join as a member in the non-artist category.
Browse artist portfolios - Browse through our library of numerous artists and designers and their works of art.

Learn - You may not be an Artist today but you could be one in the making, even as a hobbyist. Read articles, tutorials and tips to learn all that you always wanted to find out.

Take Part - You are not an Artist but you are intrigued by Art. Find out about upcoming events and take part.

Post projects and jobs - You may be an individual, an organization or a company looking for painter, sculptor or even a web designer. Do that by simply browsing and posting a project announcement or a job advertisement.

Communicate - Speak your mind as well as learn through online forums. See what the artists have to say.

Stay informed - Read all the latest news in the news section.
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What is your definition of Art or Design? Does it only mean paintings, sculpting and the works?
No. We believe that the Arts is not just what the Romans, Greeks, Vinci or Michelangelo did. Arts is all around us, even in nature. For us, an Art form is a means of self-expression. That is exactly why, on the main page, you see so many categories which we all believe to be art forms. If we have not included any artform that you practise and it does not already fall within any of the categories, do let us know and we may just add it to the list.
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I do not see my craft/artform listed on the main page as a form or Art or Design. Can you add it to the list?
Please drop us an email at and we will decide whether to include your requested art-form.
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How do I appear on the main page of the portal?
Some of the things you can do are Uploading a picture of yourself to your profile, upload your creations to your 3D portfolio and be an active GRAND member. You may just appear on the main page.
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What is Projects?
Projects are posted by individuals, organizations or companies who are looking for an artist or a designer. As an Artist or a Designer, you can post your proposal as well as how much you will be charging for the delivery of the work.
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What is Jobs?
Jobs refer to full-time/part-time jobs openings posted by companies and organizations.
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What is a CLUB?
A CLUB is to facilitate networking with other Artists and Designers as well as non-Artists. Via CLUBs, you can meet each other regularly in person at a public meeting place such as a cafeteria or a restaurant. You can make new friends, share ideas, collaborate on projects or simply, just get to know new people.
Also, each member has a CLUB of his own to which he/she can invite members or other members can request to join his/her CLUB. You can use your CLUB to build up your network and stay in touch with your friends.
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What is Articles?
This is where you can read as well as contribute articles, tutorials, tips and interesting sites (URLs)
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What is Events?
In the events section, you can get to know about upcoming events and competitions. Also, you can post any event or competition that you get to know about.
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What is News?
Get to know what's happening around you in your chosen area of interest.
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What is Forum?
Speak your mind, post a question and read what others have to say in our forum section.
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What kind of Memberships do you offer?
The GRAND Portal offers memberships for artists/designers as well as non-artists. The figure below illustrates various features offered to the members.
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Your Mission Statement seems too far-fetched and ideal. I guess what you mean is that you are trying to help Artists and Designers. How do you plan to succeed in that mission just with this website?
Today, Arts has become too commercialized and being practical (an Artist has to eat), many a times, Artists are creating artworks that they do not believe in. We hope and aim to change that. Art is a form a self-expression and that is the way it should stay. Also, in most parts of the world, anyone entering the Arts field is bound to face challenges that you wouldn't if you chose to be an engineer, a doctor or a lawyer. We are not saying those careers are without challenges. It is the nature of the Arts industry because Arts is not considered essential for our (human) survival. But if we look back at any of the ancient cilizations, we do not remember, know or care much about their technology or anything else. All that is left of them and what we admire most is their culture, their art, the paintings, the literature, the architecture and the works. All we learn about them is through their Art. A few thousand years from now, our technology would have disappeared along with our "pop civilization" and so would have our apartments and office building but perhaps the Pantheon and the Pyramids will still stand. This site is one of the projects we have launched to support Artists and Designers to allow them to focus on doing what they do best. It may seem to be a baby step in the direction of our goals but we believe with the support of the Arts and Design community, we will get there. An Arts and Design Revolution cannot happen overnight and we need to support each other.
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I like your site. Can I create a hyperlink on my site for your site?
Yes. But do drop us an email at with your intention to do so. We only allow you to provide a link to the main page
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I still do not have the answer to my question. What do I do?
Please drop us an email at and we will get back to you soon.

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